Edward Harbin

The following information has been extracted from a number of sources, including Alumni Oxonienses, the Clergy of the Church of England Database and The Gentleman's Magazine for November 1806 and April 1837, attempting to resolve inconsistencies between these sources.

Edward Harbin was the son of John Harbin (1734-1806) and his first wife Martha (née Stutzer) (1733- 1774).

In 1777 John married Dinah Coker, the sister of Roger Coker. Roger had been instituted as Rector of Hampreston in Dorset in 1762 but had resigned from the living in John's favour in 1776. John served as Rector of the benefice from 1776 until his death, aged 72, in 1806.

Although not serving during the battle itself, a Revd John Harbin of Dorset is recorded in the ship's muster books as being the Chaplain of HMS Belleisle when she fought at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Edward entered Magdalen Hall, Oxford, on 13 February 1790 at the age of 21. He was ordained deacon in 1792 and priest the following year.

Edward was licensed as Curate of his father's Hampreston benefice on 10 June 1792. In 1794 he married Ann Tait of Kinson in Dorset.

Edward was collated as Vicar of Takeley in Essex on 23 March 1804 and was additionally licensed as Stipendary Curate of Thorley on 23 August 1818, a role he undertook whilst continuing to reside in his benefice of Takeley.

Edward served as Vicar of Takeley until his death on 21 January 1837.

Philip Hargrave
February 2014


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