Inscription on
John Horsley Monument

Near this Stone is deposited what was mortal of
many years Rector of this Parish,
and of MARY, daughter of GEORGE LESLIE Esqre.
of Kincraigie in Scotland, his second Wife.
He departed this Life November XXVIIth A. D. MDCCLXXVII,
in the LXXVIIIth year of his age.
She survived her Husband near ten years,
and having spun out a chearful old age to its natural end,
went off without illness or pain, October the XXIst
A.D. MDCCLXXXVII, in her LXXVIIth year.

With what assiduity He tended
the little portion of Christ's flock committed to his care -
With what fidelity She nursed his declining years -
How conscientiously she waited on all domestic duties -
shall be certified in that day, when the MASTER of the family
shall come to hold the public reckoning with his servants.

His former Wife was ANN,
daughter of the Revd WILLIAM HAMILTON, D. D.
Principal of the College of Edinburgh.
She died in the prime of Life,
and is interred in the vault under the Parish Church
of St Martin's in the Fields, Westminster.

By his two Wives he left issue four sons and four daughters,
who jointly dedicated this Monument.

The Souls of the Righteous are in the hand of GOD
and no Torment shall touch them.


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