Translation of Inscription on Samuel Horsley Monument
The following is an attempt at a fairly literal translation - suggestions in respect of corrections or improvements will be gratefully received .

Near this stone
is deposited all that which was perishable
of the best mistress-of-the-family
Much loved second wife of SAMUEL HORSLEY, L.L.D. for many years
Rector of this church : also Bishops of the church first of St Davids, afterwards of Rochester
and now of St Asaph.

A woman excelling with vitrue, and accompanied by an amiable character, she was praised
by all, she lived beloved and delightful, she is mourned in death.
The tears and devout prayers of poor men, breathing out a truly divine fragrance,
preserve her memory.
Entering into the 54th year of age, on Tuesday, April 2nd, A.D. 1805,
a frail body succumbed to an incurable sickness, the slowly advancing fierceness of which
she had endured for nineteen years with the exemplary patience about to be related.
It seemed to GOD MOST GOOD MOST GREAT most merciful
to guide to departure, in peaceful death, and full of hope,
a life having been spent in almost incessant pain :
"O Death, where is thy sting? O Grave, where is thy victory?
"Glory to GOD,- - - - - - - - - - - - - Hallelujah!"
Bringing forth these expressions from a dying mouth, in death mocking Death,
a devout woman has fallen asleep.
The Husband surviving eighteen months, died on Saturday,
4th October A.D. 1806 : aged 73.
He was buried however together with his wife SARAH in the same tomb.
Before (his) wife SARAH he was married to MARY the daughter of the reverend
JOHN BOTHAM : who from the husband, whilst she was living, much loved during a three
year period of marriage, by death alas was snatched away, after she had given birth twice. She was buried
near her parents and sister, in the cemetery of Albury church, in the county
of Surrey, the church of which the husband was the Rector. The remains of the little Daughter
given birth to second, who was extinguished a mere two years old, are buried under
the pavement of this sacred sanctuary, the Mercy of GOD prolonged life for the Son, Heneage,
whom earlier the mother had brought forth, who cherished with constant attention the old age of his
widowed father, carrying on the priesthood, and is a Prebendary
of the cathedral church of his father.

Set up whilst living for Him and His Own
A.D. 1805.


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