Stephen de Scatldeford

The following information has been extracted from a number of sources including Newcourt's Repertorium.

Stephen de Scatldeford was presented to the benefice of Thorley by Stephen de Gravesend, Bishop of London, on 10 May 1329. At the time, like his predecessor, Stephen was not a Priest, but rather an acolyte, that is someone authorised to assist in liturgical services. Whilst at St James' he was ordained Priest, and held the benefice until being instituted Rector of St Mary's, Finchley on 5 September 1332.

Stephen left Finchley and was collated to the sinecure Rectory of Braintree in Essex on 24 June 1335. In 1355 he was appointed a Prebendary of St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, a position he held until his death in 1377.

Philip Hargrave
November 2011


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