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7 January 1911 p5 col 2

Petty Sessions  George Hudgell, labourer of Thorley, did not appear to answer a summons for using obscene language at Bishop’s Stortford on December 11th. PS Farrer said he was in Hockerill street about 8/30 on the night in question when he saw defendant with his coat off, offering to fight and using filthy language. Defendant, he said, was a nuisance to everybody. Fined 20s.


21 January 1911 p7 col 6

South Mill drainage and other matters.  The Highways, Lighting and Sanitary Committee reported that it has before it reports from the Medical Officer, Inspector of Nuisances and Surveyor with reference to the condition of 13 cottages at South Mill. Having carefully considered these it recommended that notice be served upon the owner pursuant to the Housing, Town Planning, etc Act 1909 requiring him within 28 days to execute the works specified in the Surveyor’s report as being necessary to make the houses in all respects reasonably fit for human habitation.


4 March 1911 p2

Thorley King Edward VII Memorial

A public meeting, convened by the Rector (the Rev JEI Procter), was held in the Schools on Monday evening to consider the steps to be taken in connection with the raising of subscriptions for the Hertfordshire memorial to King Edward VII. The Rev JEI Procter presided over a good attendance, and stated that in consequence of a communication he had received as Chairman of the Parish Council with regard to the memorial, he had sent a letter to every household in the parish, in which he expressed the hope that all would combine in such an excellent cause. The late King always took the deepest possible interest in the welfare of hospitals, and they would feel that in contributing to that memorial they would not only be giving to something which would be in accordance with his late Majesty’s wishes, but also putting upon a sound financial basis such institutions in the county. Mr E Pelly proposed that a committee be formed consisting of those persons who undertook the collecting of subscriptions in the parish. Mr GS Streeter seconded and this was carried. The Rector then announced that the following ladies would undertake the work: Mrs Patten, Mrs Procter, Miss Pelly, Miss Streeter, Miss Burgess, Miss Cornwall and Miss Newman. The Chairman and Treasurer of the fund is the Rev JEI Procter.


11 March 1911 p5

Miss Saich, Thorley Terrace, wishes to thank all kind friends for sympathy in her bereavement.


Alleged Warehouse Breaking

Early on Friday morning, Mr Thomas Doe, who carries on business as a fellmonger at South Mill, went to his warehouse which is situated at the rear of his private residence, and there found on the door unmistakable signs of an attempt having been made to force an entry. Both the door leading from the stable and that from the yard had been tampered with, a chisel which was discovered having evidently been used upon the woodwork. The glass in a window had also been smashed. Mr Doe at once gave information to the police. PS O’Connor, in response, carefully examined the premises, and found candle grease near the doors. In the warehouse he discovered a large sheet of white packing paper which bore traces of footmarks. There was in the warehouse a quantity of cow hair. Entrance had been effected by means of the window, which must have been reached by a ladder which stood in the yard. Later in the day the Sergeant was in Potter Street when he saw John Charles Phipp, a labourer of Bishop’s Stortford, carrying a sack. His suspicions being aroused the man was taken to the police station, where it was found that the sack contained 19s. worth of cow hair similar to that stored in Mr Doe’s warehouse. In reply to the charge preferred he said:”I bought it off a man: who, it is not convenient for me to say.” A miller named Parker, working at South Mill, gave deposition to the effect that at four o’clock on Friday morning he was at work and saw Phipp walking along the road.

At a special sitting of the magistrates on Thursday, before Admiral Vander Meulen (in the chair), H Kent and F Flinn, esqs, Phipp was charged with breaking and entering the warehouse and stealing the cow hair. Evidence was given by PS O’Connor and Parker. Mr Doe failed to put in an appearance and a constable was sent in search of him on a bicycle. Upon his return the constable stated that Mr Doe would not come, saying that he was unwell. The bench agreed that as Mr Doe was the prosecutor he must attend or send a deputy. Admiral Vander Meulen to Supt. SPriggs “Send the sergeant and a constable. Go Down, take a fly and bring him here”. The court then adjourned for half an hour. By that time Mr Doe had arrived in the cab and he took hi place in the witness box. Admiral Vander Meulen “Are you the prosecutor in this case?”. Mr Doe “Yes”. Admiral Vander Meulen: “We think it contempt of court you not appearing here. You might have sent a representative; in the course of justice you ought to have done it, sir”. Supt Spriggs:”Mr Doe says he is ill, Admiral”. Admiral Vander Meulen”In that case he ought to have sent a representative: it is contempt of court his not sending somebody. We do not understand that sort of thing, If Mr Doe is ill he should send a doctor’s certificate.”

The case was then proceeded with. Accused repeated that he bought the hair in the town but did not choose to give the man’s name. He was committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions.


25 March 1911 p5

Crimean Veteran’s Military Funeral

A striking tribute of respect was paid on Saturday afternoon to the memory of Mr Walter Rooks, a veteran of the Crimea, whose death was recorded last week. The deceased, who lived at 12 Thorley Terrace, and was 79 years of age, served just over 21 years in the army and was present at the battles of Alma, Balaclava, Inkermann and before Sebastopol. He could relate many interesting anecdotes of his experiences, and was generally a favourite in the district. Full military honours were accorded the remains, members of the “C” Company of the Herts Regiment proceeding to the house, under the command of Sergt Gee, shortly after two o’clock. The coffin was covered with the Union Jack, deceased’s accouterments with his medals being placed at his feet.. Sergt Archer and Sergt H Fox, of the Herts Yeomanry, Col-Sergt Ackerman, Sergt AW Dalley, Sergt Perry and Private Saban of the “C” Company Herts Regiment, took their positions by the side of the hearse, which was immediately followed by the mourning coaches containing Mr W Rooks (son), Mrs Rooks (daughter in law), Messrs J Nicholls (brother in law), A Clark, H Scott, William Nicholls, James Nicholls (nephews), HP Glasscock, and Mrs Harry Cox. The procession wended its way through South Mill Road at the top of which it was met by the Bishop’s Stortford Town Band under the direction of Mr J Edwards, which occupied a place immediately behind the firing party. Through South Street Beethoven’s No 1 Funeral March was played, the passing of the cortege being witnessed by several hundreds of people. As the Cemetery gates were neared the band played Handel’s “Dead March” from “Saul”. At the entrance the coffin was met by the Rector of Thorley (the Rev JEI Procter), the firing party lining up on each side and resting upon their arms.

Others noticed to be present were Messrs WG Young and F Page (former volunteers), G Cox, A Reynolds, S Sharpe, E Searles, Speller, A Newman, T Franklin, A Little, H Mansell, RA Mumford (representing Messrs Benskins Ltd), W Leach, W Chard, C Brazier, Quarter-Master-Sergeant King, etc.

After the usual service, three volleys were fired over the grave, and the buglers of “C” Company sounded ‘The Last Post”. The coffin was of stained elm. Wreaths were sent by the following:

“In ever loving memory of dad, from his sorrowing son and daughter”

“From Mrs Jane Wigan, Cromwell House, Mortlake”

“From the family of the late James Wigan, esq, Cromwell House, Mortlake”

“With deepest sympathy, Louisa and Herbert and family”

“A tribute of respect from Colonel C Healey and the staff of the Bishop’s Stortford Brewery, March 18th, 1911”

“To dear Grandpa from his loving George and Doris”

“In loving memory from Harry and Harriet, Ferndale, Southen-on-Sea”

“In affectionate remembrance from Cath, Eva, Beck, Jim and Will”

“With deep sympathy and respect, Mr and Mrs Harry Cox”

“In affectionate remembrance from Mr and Mrs Warboys”, and

“With much sympathy and respect, Mrs Cox, Great Havers.”

p5 col 5

Thorley – King Edward VII Memorial.  The sum of £20/8/1d has been sent to Mr CE Longmore, the Hon Sec and Treasurer of the County Memorial Fund as the contribution from the parish of Thorley.


1 April 1911 p3

Health of East Herts & West Essex  Bishop’s Stortford Urban District

The estimated population of the town  in the middle of 1910 was 7885 (including the newly added portion). ………… “It will be remembered” says the report “that during the year a portion of Thorley has been added to Bishop’s Stortford. This new portion, some 80 acres in area, has a population of roughly 250, living in 57 houses…………”


22 April 1911 p5

Thorley Easter at the Church.

The Church looked exceedingly pretty on Easter Day. The East End was decorated by Miss Procter; the Communion rails by Mrs Newman, Miss Hartigan, and Miss Mitchell; the pulpit by Mrs Streeter and Miss Streeter; the font by Miss Pelly; and the reading desk by Mrs G Patten. Several members of the congregation sent cut flowers for the decorations. The congregations were good at all the services, and the communicants numbered 114. The offertories amounted to £4/12/10d, and were given to the Church Expenses Fund and the Diocesan Poor Benefices Fund.


The Easter Vestry was held on Easter Tuesday. The Rev JEI Procter (Rector) nominated Mr John Lawrence as Rector’s Churchwarden, and Mr Newman was unanimously re-elected Parishioner’s Churchwarden. Messrs Streeter, G Patten, D Patten, W Evans, S Newman and R Newman were appointed sidesmen. The Churchwardens’ accounts were passed, and other matters usually transacted at the Easter Vestry dealt with. After the vestry a meeting of churchmen was held for the purpose of appointing three lay representatives of the parish to the Ruri-decanal Conference, and Messrs Streeter, Newman and Lawrence were chosen.


13 May 1911 p5

Petty Sessions Labourers fined

Frederick Hudgell, Walter Hudgell, George Hudgell, labourers of Thorley, and Harry Bayford, labourer of Little Hallingbury, were summoned for hooting and yelling at Thorley on April 29th. George Hudgell, Walter Hudgell and Harry Bayford were likewise summoned for using obscene language and Frederick Hudgell for assaulting the police. PC Hart stated that he met the men, who were making a great noise. He asked them to be quiet but they would not and Frederick Hudgell picked up and stones and threw (them) at him. Frederick Hudgell was fined 15/-, George Hudgell £1, Walter Hudgell 15/- and Bayford 17/6d.

Thorley Formation of a Cricket Club

A well-attended meeting was held in the Thorley School on Wednesday for the purpose of considering the advisability of forming a Cricket Club in Thorley. Mr GS Streeter occupied the chair, and it was unanimously decided to start a cricket club, and Mr Streeter consented to become the President. Mr George Patten was elected Captain, and Mr Reginald Newman was appointed Secretary and Treasurer. A committee was also selected, consisting of the President, Captain, Secretary, the Rev JEI Procter, and Messrs D Reed, H Kent, and W Clark. It was decided that the subscription should be one shilling a year, and that anyone living in Thorley should be eligible to join. Mr D Reed has allowed the club the use of his meadow for the ensuing season, and practice will commence on Monday next.


27 May 1911 p2

Urban District Council Sewerage work at Thorley

Mr WATTS enquired of the Surveyor if there was any hope of a commencement being made upon the sewerage work at Thorley. The people were getting very impatient about it. Was there any hope of the arrival of the pipes now?

The SURVEYOR replied that they had not come yet. He could only repeat what he said at the last meeting – they were expected every day. He was himself anxious to begin the work. He had been waiting now over a fortnight, in fact he was delaying other things.

The CHAIRMAN: Hadn’t Mr Scott better take a stronger course and say that the pipes will be obtained elsewhere if not quickly delivered?

The Council agreed.

Mr COOPER: With regard to Havers Lane, that has been going on about two years?

The SURVEYOR: The gravel has been ready some two or three weeks and it is my intention to do the two jobs together, because there will be a considerable excavation from Thorley and that can be carted to Havers Lane for filling up the lower part of the lane.

Mr SWORDER: As soon as the one job begins the other will go on, I take it?

The SURVEYOR: That is so.


1 July 1911 p5


The Thorley Coronation Festival was held on Friday. It commenced with a service in the Church. Which was largely attended. The Rev JEI Procter (Rector) gave a short address on the words: “And all the people shouted, and said, God save the King,” 1 Sam x pt 24. From the Church a procession, headed by the band. Was formed to Thorley Place, the grounds of which were lent by Mr and Mrs Streeter, for the festivities. On arriving a pleasing exhibition of Morris and Maypole dancing was given by the children of the Thorley School, who had been carefully trained by the Head Teacher, Miss Burgess. Then all over 15 years of age were entertained at a meat tea, served in a large marquee erected in the park, while the children under 15 had tea in the coach house. Each child received a mug as a momento of the occasion, while pipes and tobacco were given to the men. After tea there were sports. The following is a list of winners:


100 yards race for boys between 5 and 8 – 1 Walter Warboys, 2 George Edward Chappell.

100 yards race for boys between 8 and 12 – 1 Thomas Candy, 2 George Chappell

100 yards race for boys between 12 and 15 – 1 Frederick Brewster, 2 Horace Turner

100 yards race for those over 15 – 1 Charles Harris, 2 Fred Beney

100 yards race for men over 40 -  1 Frank Turner, 2 George Chappell sen.

Wheelbarrow Race, open – 1 George Chappell sen., 2 Frank Prior.

Needle and thread race for men and women -  1 William Stock and Minnie Seabon, 2 Frederick Harris and Gladys Seabon.

Quarter mile race, open: 1 Charles Harris, 2 Fred Beney.

250 yards race for men between 35 and 50 – 1 Henry Prior, 2 Frank Turner.

100 yards consolation race for men over 40- 1 James Akers, 2 William Fuller.


100 yards race for girls between 5 and 8 - Winifred Clark, 2 Winifred Wootten.

100 yards race for girls between 8 and 12 - 1 Elsie Reeve, 2 Harriet Warboys.

Skipping competition for girls between 12 and 16 – 1 Minnie Threadgold, 2 Constance Collins.

Egg and Spoon race for girls between 12 and 16 – 1 Minnie Threadgold, 2 Edith Reeve

Potato race for girls and women between 16 and 35 - 1 Gladys Seabon, 2 Maud Clark.

Needle and thread race for girls and women between 16 and 35 - 1 Minnie Seabon, 2 Maud Clark

Egg and spoon race for women over 35 – 1 Jane Clark, 2 Eliza Hall.

Potato race for women over 35 – 1 Eliza Hall, 2 Rosina Greygoose.

The prizes were presented by Mrs Streeter. After the distribution, the Rector thanked all those who had helped to make the treat pass off so successfully and especially he thanked Mr and Mrs  Streeter for allowing the treat to be held at Thorley Place, and for all the trouble they had taken in connection with it. The proceedings terminated with the National Anthem.


23 September 1911 p5

Thorley Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival was held at Thorley on Sunday. The Church was very prettily decorated, the east end and font by Miss Procter, the pulpit by Mrs Streeter, the altar rails by Miss Hartigan and Miss Mitchell, the reading desk and lectern  by Mrs O Patten and Miss Lane, and the porch by Mrs Watson and Miss Bird. The following also assisted in the decorations: Miss Patience Streeter, Mrs Waterman, Mrs Akers, Mrs G Harris, Mrs Ellis, Mrs W Waterman, Mrs J Watts, and Miss G Seabon. The Rector (the Rev JEI Procter) occupied the pulpit in the morning and afternoon, and in the evening an appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev JH Peabody (Vicar of St Johns, Ilford). The congregations were excellent at all the services, and the thank offerings throughout the festival amounted to £15/7/10d., and will be divided between the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, the Herts Convalescent Home, and the Bishop’s Stortford Hospital.


30 September 1911 p5

Bishop’s Stortford Charge of Stealing a Mackintosh

At the Police Court this (Friday) morning, before Mr H Kent (in the chair) and F Flinn esqs, Charles Henry White, late of Thorley, an electrical engineer, was charged with stealing on September 28th, a mackintosh coat, the property of Mr Joseph Brazier, of the Chequers Hotel. Mr AE Floyd defended. Mr Brazier said he thought the affair arose out of a silly freak on the part of the defendant, and did not wish to press the case. Discharged.

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